Heritage Wall, The Thompsons

Long before I knew any of the A Bryan Photo crew, I read their Found Frames post and was blown away by the concept. As an interior designer and photography enthusiast, this venture is the combination of my favorite crafts.

The idea behind Found Frames is a simple one: find interesting frames, fill them with art, and enjoy them daily in a space. When working with Sally (a former bride and delightful new friend!) on her living room wall, we dialogued about her home’s style and potential content for her frames. We developed a concept that reached beyond simply an ode to her wedding and became a true snapshot of life with her husband, Steven.

In addition to imagery of their wedding, we included photographs of trips the two had taken. Excitedly, I began to scour Etsy for art and decided to include images from Sally and Steven’s parents’ weddings, one of Bryan’s fine art shots from New York, a gold foil Southern saying and a pair of Rifle Paper Company’s trademark cards. The content was then placed in frames found from various estate sales and antique stores.

The final result is a wall full of vibrant memories, fresh art and family heritage. We couldn’t be more excited to share this project, and we love the way it illustrates our passion for preservation.

Photo of the Week, Flower Girls

Sally & Steven, Birmingham

I’ve had the honor of working with the Brooke family several times and I was thrilled when I was asked to document their daughter Sally’s marriage to Steven. Sally had always wanted to get married at Christmas time and she choose her hometown of Birmingham as the location. We spent the start of the day at her parents beautiful home outside of English Village, which was the perfect backdrop for her prep and portraits. The cold, overcast day provided a romance to a day that was already planned and designed well by MariĆ©e Ami. This couple was so lovely and I look forward to working with them more in the future.

Enjoy some of my favorite images below. View their gallery here.

Sally & Steven, Cab Ride

Image shot on a Rolleiflex.