Lindsey & Branden, Glacier National Park

Every summer Lindsey and I get the wonderful opportunity to take some time off and travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world. This year we ventured throughout the Canadian Rockies and dipped into Montana to visit Glacier National Park. While there we took the Homemade Films camera with us on the trail and documented our hike, which was a grand total of 14 miles! We had a blast shooting the jaw-dropping scenery, the natural wildlife, and, of course, each other. Although the hike was difficult at times, I’m thankful we took the camera as the payoff was worth every bit of the work.


Lindsey & Branden, Italy Homemade Films

This past summer my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting Italy for three weeks. Our time was spent eating incredible food, seeing breathtaking scenery, and experiencing an absolutely beautiful culture. Neither of us had been before so we took the Homemade Films camera along with us to document our trip. I shot and edited this film very differently than in the past. I wanted to create a great snapshot of the 22 day trip but also, and more importantly, remind us of how we felt.

This is without a doubt my proudest and most beloved film to date. I hope you enjoy.

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