Halloween, Harold & the Purple Crayon

Great costume, Chanceys.

Laura & Caleb’s Wedding Website & 8mm

Our Wedding from Caleb Chancey on Vimeo.

Some of you may remember Laura & Caleb’s wedding and that several of his favorite photographer friends had the chance to document the day. Well, they have made an incredible site in order to display all the work from the wedding and it’s worth checking out:

The site also features audio from the ceremony, including a Tom Waits cover by Matthew Perryman Jones.

The above 8mm was captured beautifully by Branden Lower and Paul Bryant, and edited by Caleb himself.
Make sure you watch the honeymoon coverage at the end…stunning!

Laura and Caleb (Wedding)

I recently had the honor of being in/ shooting the wedding of A Bryan Photo’s very own Caleb Chancey! Caleb has been working with me for over 3 years and I was very excited to be in the wedding. Because Caleb is friends with a million photographers, he had the idea of having several of them shoot different parts of the day. My responsibility was photographing Laura’s prep and portrait. Here are a few of my favorites from my time with her:

Caleb writing Laura a note in a book:

My favorite shot Alan Barton got of the groomsmen:

My favorite 4×5 captured by Cary Norton:

I kept my LOMO in my pocket during the guys session just to grab a few shots like this:

During the ceremony I snuck my Leica in under my suit jacket and shot from the stage:

And of course I had to grab a few of the newly married couple strolling through the rain:

Another post on this event coming soon!

The Last 7 Months

The Last 7 Months from Caleb Chancey on Vimeo.

Bryan asked me to post this. Why? Duh, it features the most wonderful/beautiful/awesome girl in the world: Laura Vandal, my soon (3 months) to be wife!

8mm is magic. It takes regular, everyday, moments and makes them some of the most memorable scenes you can imagine. And if I can get a bit corny, maybe it simply provides a great reminder to how amazing life is. Maybe? Yeah, I think so.

I hope you enjoy!