Bonnie & Joe, Homemade Films

Bonnie & Joe booked the Homemade Films kit to take along with them on their honeymoon to Lake Como in Italy. Strangely enough, my wife and I had stayed in the exact same small hotel on the lake just three months prior. It’s interesting to see the difference in perspectives and shooting styles between their trip and ours.

If you’re taking a trip and want to capture it in an interesting or unique way, consider renting our Homemade Films Kit.

Lindsey & Branden, Italy Homemade Films

This past summer my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting Italy for three weeks. Our time was spent eating incredible food, seeing breathtaking scenery, and experiencing an absolutely beautiful culture. Neither of us had been before so we took the Homemade Films camera along with us to document our trip. I shot and edited this film very differently than in the past. I wanted to create a great snapshot of the 22 day trip but also, and more importantly, remind us of how we felt.

This is without a doubt my proudest and most beloved film to date. I hope you enjoy.

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