Lindsey & Branden, Italy Homemade Films

This past summer my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting Italy for three weeks. Our time was spent eating incredible food, seeing breathtaking scenery, and experiencing an absolutely beautiful culture. Neither of us had been before so we took the Homemade Films camera along with us to document our trip. I shot and edited this film very differently than in the past. I wanted to create a great snapshot of the 22 day trip but also, and more importantly, remind us of how we felt.

This is without a doubt my proudest and most beloved film to date. I hope you enjoy.

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A Bryan Photo’s 8mm Film Specialist

I recently took some new A Bryan Photo staff photos and I especially loved this one of Branden. For those that don’t know, Branden is A Bryan Photo’s production manager but most importantly, he’s our 8mm film specialist. If you’ve never viewed his craftsmanship, just click here to view some of his films.
Branden is speaking next month at South by Southwest on a panel about the Power of Super 8 Film. Come join the discussion if you plan on attending SXSW!

Photo captured with the Rolleiflex on Kodak 400NC.

The Experience Timeline

As the resident Graphic Designer, I am always on the lookout for new ways to improve our brand and better tell our story. I am currently in the process of designing an Experience Page for our website that will highlight who we are as a company and reveal the details of the A Bryan Photo Experience.

One of the features that I’m most excited about is our timeline of services. Essentially, it will illustrate timeframes for our process and establish expectations for our clients. The more I dig into this project, the more excited I get about the experience we strive to provide our clients.
Feel free to take a sneak peek of the timeline HERE. Its not a working site and you can’t click around on it yet, but we would love feedback! Let me know what you think!