Evening Stroll

Captured on a Rolleiflex on Ilford 400.

The Crosby Family

My friend Caleb approached me with the idea of gifting a session with A Bryan Photo to his wife, Destin, for Mother’s Day this spring. I had the privilege of photographing their young family at their home. Seeing the images of the kids climbing the tree was especially significant for Destin. Her kids are constantly playing in the tree and I love that she can now remember this small detail through my images.

Father, Daughter

Captured on a Rolleiflex on Ilford 400.


Captured on a Rolleiflex on Ilford 400.

Heritage Wall, The Lowers

Since our marriage, Lindsey and I have made a concerted effort to document our trips both here and abroad. Mostly, that has manifested itself into edited Super 8 shorts. We often find ourselves going back through our films and reliving these amazing trips and experiences.

Bryan has also encouraged us to be intentional with our photographic documentation as well. As a result, I started organizing and editing our photo collection and even began taking along a film camera on our adventures. The result is an incredible selection of beautiful images that we will cherish forever. Recently Abby helped us curate our photography into a Heritage Wall in our home.

We delight in having such a tangible representation of our experiences of our first five years of marriage. It also serves as an amazing source for sharing stories with friends & family when they visit our home.