I’ve recently been bringing my son along on lifestyle sessions with close family friends. He’s served as comic relief for our friends as well as a willing assistant. I started giving him my Leica M6 and letting him shoot away. While he knows nothing about composition, exposure, or even focus (I set it for him as best as I can), it’s been interesting to see how he reacts and what he captures. His imagery is extremely rough around the edges, yet also honest and simple. Enjoy a few of his images from recent sessions with friends. Look for more images on the blog from the kid.

Baby Room

Captured on a Leica M6 with Tri X 400.


Captured on a Rolleiflex on Ilford 400.

Drake Family

Captured on a Rolleiflex

Kameron & Brian

This beautiful rustic wedding took place on Purcell Farms in Alabama. I absolutely loved getting to work with this wonderful couple. Enjoy some of my favorite images from the day!