As resident ABP Presentation Manager (self-appointed title), I think that I have the best job by far. Bryan takes incredible images. Branden works color magic. Then I get to be the one to print and add the final, beautiful touches before a bride and groom see their wedding images; it is a role that I love.

Our favorite deliveries happen when couples can come to our studio to see their images for the first time. We love the energy and excitement that accompany an in-studio wedding reveal, and the joy we see from our couples is incredibly fulfilling. Our favorite aspect is seeing what stands out to them from their imagery, whether it’s a shot of a grandmother or a hilarious moment on the dance floor. They allow us to share in their wedding day all over again as we drink champagne and celebrate.

These sorts of experiences continue to shape us as a studio as we get to be involved with the small details that mean the most to a couple. It’s a total celebration lovefest over here, and it just never gets old.

Holiday Cards!

Once again, team ABP is happy to announce our offering of custom and unique holiday cards. The hand lettered greetings are designed by our in-house calligrapher and printed on Hahnemuhle fine art paper. 

Calligraphy and postage are included, and we are also providing personalized return address stamps with each order. 

Contact us if you would like to for us to design a card or if you would like to set up a holiday photo session.

Save the Dates

We love how well our holiday cards were received last year, and it seemed to be a natural fit to continue to offer our images with a personal touch.

After designing my own save the date and invitation suite, I was officially bitten by the calligraphy bug and found myself dying to personalize anything on which I could get my hands.

Thankfully, I work with a studio team that encourages my creative endeavors.

As we brainstormed a way to incorporate hand-lettering into my role as ABP stylist, we realized that the offering of save the dates would be a perfect fit. We are presenting personalized cards, printed on our ever-beautiful Hahnemuhle fine art paper, to accompany ABP engagement shoots.

Shown below are a few samples in various styles. I have to say, this project is a personal fave.

Fine Art Presentation

At A Bryan Photo, we resonate with the sense of touch as much as the sense of sight. We are extremely proud of the images we take and want to present them in such a way that brings reverence to the photographs themselves. Since we have begun printing, our team has invested a lot of time and care into our packaging. While the capturing of the images may be all the fun, our presentation is all the finesse. We hope you enjoy receiving our images as much as we enjoy sending them.

Our First Frame

My father is a carpenter, and as a kid I got a taste of this every Saturday as I would go to work with him to “help” build houses. As I grew older, I became more interested in computers and art. I graduated with a degree in graphic design and began working for A Bryan Photo doing color work, album, web, and print design.

When we began doing printing in the fall of 2010, I reconnected with working with my hands. I fell in love with the physical and wanted to devote more and more of my time to fine art presentation. It is interesting to think that I have taken much different journey than my father, only to gravitate back toward the same interests.

A few weeks ago, my parents came down, and I explored with my dad in my woodshop on building custom picture frames for A Bryan Photo’s Fine Art Prints. While this is still a work in progress, we are proud of our first frame and the direction we are heading in to deliver quality heirloom products for people to enjoy for decades.

All images shot by Bryan on a Rolleiflex.