Au Family, Harbor Island Super 8

Ginny Au is an incredible stylist and friend here in Birmingham. We were thrilled when she decided to rent our kit for her family vacation. When we first started dialoguing with her about what to capture, I was excited to think of how she could create shots that would be well thought out and well styled. However, upon her return, she told us of an interesting change that took place once she got to the beach. She simply didn’t have time to create moments as she was too busy capturing the amazing ones that were already happening. From the kids running around on the beach to them dancing on the docks, this film is filled with the personality and excitement that make the Au Family who they really are. I loved watching this transformation take place and am excited to see more from them in the future!

Julia & Nathan, Western Europe Homemade Films

Last year, Julia and Nathan were married in Philadelphia and took the homemade films kit along with them on their honeymoon. They loved shooting so much that they purchased the camera from us and started filming more on their own. This past summer, the two traveled to Italy, Spain, England, and Iceland and just blew us away with the results. We hope you enjoy this sweet and charming European adventure!!

The Johnson Family, Homemade Films of 2013

I recently wrote about the photo album that is created each Christmas to chronicle our family’s past year. Another tool we utilize for documenting important events in our fam is the A Bryan Photo Homemade Films kit. We chose to use the kit on two occasions in 2013. The first was a trip to New York in March. Ashley & I took our oldest son there for his spring break, along with our good friends Steph & James. This is a tradition we hope to carry out with all our kids when they are in the first grade. The second film was made over our summer in New England. My family watches these films often and they serve as a perfect reminder of all we have to be thankful for.

How would you like to see your family’s memories preserved this year? May we recommend giving our Homemade Films kit a try?

Teryn & Steve, Merry Christmas!

It is easy to find a reason to shoot Super 8 at some of life’s bigger events like weddings or the birth of a child. But Teryn & Steve have shown us that the medium can have a simple purpose, like a holiday greeting. They shot this short in their apartment with a small tree & some white lights, and a little creativity. We find so much beauty and charm in this little film. Let us know if we can help you produce something short but certainly sweet for a friend or a loved one.

Camping with The Mahys, Homemade Films

This past summer, Lindsey & I went camping with our friends, Jordan & Audrey Mahy, to celebrate the beautiful weather. Camping was a big part of my childhood, and I wanted to bring the Super 8 camera along with us to capture the fun of being around friends and family. I love the silliness (Jordan and I setting up the tent, swimming, putting Penny on our shoulders) and the serenity (morning light, beautiful lake, lying in the hammock) that this film depicts.

I can’t recommend enough setting aside unique moments in life to document in a different way. I’m thankful to work at a place that encourages this kind of creativity and intentionality. Enjoy!