Pilot Family, England

This past summer, Brooke and Brandon Pilot took the Homemade Films kit along with them to England. When discussing their trip, they mentioned that their entire family was actually going to be going with them. We love the family oriented nature of the film and are glad for the different perspective on traveling with Family. Films like these serve as a great reminder to capture the moments around us with those we love most.

As the holidays draw near, let us know if you’re interested in renting the kit for a special family trip or a celebration at home.

Dréa & Mat, Lake Martin

As the end of summer is approaching, we thought we’d like to post this fun little film of Dréa & Mat celebrating their recent nuptials with their friends at Lake Martin, Alabama. We love the creativity and excitement this film projects and are particularly impressed that it was documented using only two rolls of Super 8.

While our standard Homemade Films kit rental requires a three roll minimum, we now are pleased to offer a 24-hour rental to our Birmingham clients which includes film, edit, and rental starting at $400. Give us a shout if you’re interested in documenting a birthday or day at the park!

Lauren & Adrian, Belize

Maris & Andrew, Bora Bora

Au Family, Harbor Island Super 8

Ginny Au is an incredible stylist and friend here in Birmingham. We were thrilled when she decided to rent our kit for her family vacation. When we first started dialoguing with her about what to capture, I was excited to think of how she could create shots that would be well thought out and well styled. However, upon her return, she told us of an interesting change that took place once she got to the beach. She simply didn’t have time to create moments as she was too busy capturing the amazing ones that were already happening. From the kids running around on the beach to them dancing on the docks, this film is filled with the personality and excitement that make the Au Family who they really are. I loved watching this transformation take place and am excited to see more from them in the future!