School Portraits

For the fourth year I had the privilege of taking the portraits for the students at my boys’ school. Going into these sessions, I always hope to capture honest portraits, revealing the essence of each child. Whether light-hearted or serious, I enjoy seeing the range of emotions that each kid is willing to show the camera. As a father, I love having portraits that show my boy’s personality in an artful, intentional way. I hope that I’m able to continue these portrait sessions with their school as they grow from boys into young men. I look forward to watching the transformation.

Captured on a Rolleiflex with black & white film.

Photo of the Week, Lauren & Adrian

Captured on a Rolleiflex.

Photo of the Week, The Phelps

Captured on a Rolleiflex with high speed black & white film.

Photo of the Week, Larkyn

Captured on a Rolleiflex.

The Chancey Family

I’m thankful to have been able to photograph my good friend and colleague Caleb Chancey’s beautiful young family in their home last month. I love the chance to enter the home and document families in their own personal spaces. Caleb, who is also an amazing musician, loves listening to records with his son. My favorite photograph from this session is the two of them around their turntable listening to Duquette Johnston’s vinyl.

Captured on a Rolleiflex.