Abby & Alex, Engagement

Because I’m from a small town, working in the heart of downtown Birmingham has allowed me to live out my city-girl dreams. I work in a 5th floor loft and frequent a 2nd Avenue coffee shop…. I mean, just call me Felicity Porter.

When Bryan asked Alex and me how we wanted our engagement shoot to feel, the answer was a no-brainer. Urban. We couldn’t imagine a better way to portray this season of our lives than to be documented in the city we call home.

The shoot began just outside of ABP’s building, the Phoenix, and we finished at Urban Standard (the aforementioned coffee shop) after a pit stop for peanuts on a cobble lane. I told you. Urban.

The entire experience was nothing short of incredible. In addition to simply having fun with some of my favorite people, we were handed Polaroids during the shoot that exceeded my vision for the session. Bryan gave us the gift of his art with the below images, and I could not be more thrilled with the outcome of our city shoot in Birmingham.

All images, except for the Polaroid above, were captured on a Rolleiflex.

3 Responses to Abby & Alex, Engagement

  1. Preston says:

    Superb as usual. May I ask what b&w film you used for the Rollei frames?

  2. Emilia Jane says:

    Beautiful all around but that first image just slays me <3 <3 <3

  3. Kristie McEwen says:

    Dear Abby and Alex,

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos with all of us. They truly reveal the deep love the two of you have for one another as well as showing us your playful personalities. The beginning of your love/life story has been captured so intimately. You (and your family) will cherish these photos forever. We can see the beautifull happiness in each photo!! Thank you Abby and Alex and love you both!!

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