Internship, Fall 2013 and Beyond

**UPDATE: The Fall position has been filled.

We are pleased to announce again the A Bryan Photo Internships for this fall & early next year!

The program allows us to teach the intricacies of our craft, while imparting the principles needed to run a successful small business. We think you will enjoy working with your hands while learning the analog medium.

We practice a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) which promotes a more relaxing, enjoyable, and strangely more productive atmosphere. You won’t be asked to fill a certain amount of hours or perform mindless tasks. Your role will be integral to our daily workflow and will help us in the presentation and styling of our imagery.

The A Bryan Photo Internship has proven to be mutually beneficial for both parties and we are honored to consider you for the position.

Fall Submission Deadline : August 26th
Fall Internship Duration : September 9th – December 20th
Spring Submission Deadline : January 18th
Spring Internship Duration : February 3rd – May 16th
Summer Submission Deadline : May 23rd
Summer Internship Duration : June 2nd – August 22nd

Read the PDF attached below and contact us at info[at]abryanphoto[dot]com if interested.

Click to view or right click to save the Informational PDF.

Please Keep in Mind:
This is not specifically a photography internship. One may learn about our craft through working with our team but should not expect to be taught or practice photography.