Caroline & Clark, Nashville

I’d been excited about documenting Caroline and Clark’s wedding ever since I met them this past November. They were passing through Birmingham at the time and they got to stop by the studio. It was intended to be a brief introduction yet it turned into an evening of connection and inspiration. They both were so excited to be part of the A Bryan Photo family and I spent hours with them both walking them through our whole process and what they could expect. I had the honor of hearing all about Caroline’s passion for design and Clark’s love of travel. Clark and his twin brother Campbell had spent their summers touring the world for their employer EF tours while Caroline had interned with Anthropologie in New York. I got to hear the incredible story of Clark flying Caroline to Italy to propose with a ring that he made in New Zealand (where he was working as a shepherd, no less).
The wedding took place at Wightman Chapel on the Vanderbilt campus with a reception following in Caroline’s parents backyard. With so much grace, style and all-out energy this wedding was even more beautiful than I could’ve imagine. I’m proud to call these two friends and I look forward to many more adventures (and photoshoots!) throughout our lifetime.

View their slideshow HERE.

11 Responses to Caroline & Clark, Nashville

  1. kyle hale says:

    wow, beautifully captured!

  2. CBM Photo says:

    the details are especially beautiful. my favorite is the jewelry and bible shot.

  3. Chris Breedlove says:

    Sweet Bryan! I think this gallery is one of my favorites of you and your team; most definitely! Hope all is well!

  4. child of the universe says:

    not only do i love this couple, but i feel like this was a ridiculously fun wedding. you captured every moment perfectly. i feel as though i know them! and that groom's picture of him watching his bride-to-be come up to the altar? divine. i love it.

  5. Kate@MagnoliaRouge says:

    Stunning – she may just be the smiliest bride I've ever seen. Love the emotion of the aisle shots.

  6. melissa richie says:

    everything about this wedding is gorgeous. glad they chose you to capture it. smart kids :)

  7. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Those pictures were amazing! So classic, timeless, and beutiful. The couple will cherish these forever.

  8. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Those pictures were amazing! So classic, timeless, and beutiful. The couple will cherish these forever.

  9. Emily @ Southern Weddings says:

    Incredibly gorgeous. Classic and elegant. I LOVE the one of her sitting on the couch, looking out the window.

  10. Holly Anne says:

    that black and white picture of her holding the bible taken from behind her makes me swoon! looks like something taken for a high end magazine or something!

  11. Hannah says:

    Just gotta say, the Greek tattoos are amazing.

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