NYC Christmas Film is Back!

Kathy & Jesse, shot on LOMO

I’m so excited to get all the film back from our trip to NYC this Christmas! There were over 50 rolls to go through from 10 different sessions. I will be posting different shots from the sessions over the next couple weeks.

The Martin Family

Suzanne Martin was a professor of mine at Samford University and she played a large role in me pursuing photography as a profession when I graduated in 2002. I remember sitting in her office my senior year explaining to her that I thought I should move back to Atlanta and sell insurance with my dad. I told her that I could continue photography as a hobby but that it couldn’t support me as a profession. She was very considerate of my feelings but she also encouraged me to push past the fear of the unknown. After that conversation I began to look more seriously for photography opportunities. That spring I decided to pursue photography as a profession after I got an internship with a Birmingham lifestyle magazine. Suzanne and her husband Mike offered to let me live in their basement for a few months after graduation as I got my feet on the ground.
I have always held a high regard for the Martin family and their support of my career, and was honored to finally get a chance to do a portrait session of their family. These portraits were taken in their front yard last month.

Shot with Rollei and Leica M6.

Merry Christmas from The Johnsons!

Photo by the amazing Chris Waters


This photograph was taken at Jas’ birthday party last month. He had recently broken both wrists.

Emily & Monty, Super 8

Shot by Branden Lower

Song: “Northern Sky” by Nick Drake