School Portraits

For the fourth year I had the privilege of taking the portraits for the students at my boys’ school. Going into these sessions, I always hope to capture honest portraits, revealing the essence of each child. Whether light-hearted or serious, I enjoy seeing the range of emotions that each kid is willing to show the camera. As a father, I love having portraits that show my boy’s personality in an artful, intentional way. I hope that I’m able to continue these portrait sessions with their school as they grow from boys into young men. I look forward to watching the transformation.

Captured on a Rolleiflex with black & white film.

Found Frames, Collections

We are excited to announce our new collections of Found Frames. This offering grew out of a desire to display key photos from a particular event or session without creating a full wall of photographs. We also hoped that creating these smaller groupings would take the guess-work out of selecting individual frames.

We have created our collections with coordinating color schemes and complementing sizes. A set would easily bring an empty space to life without extensive image selection or frame configuration. We loved shooting the collections in our studio space, and we are quite tempted to keep them all.

Au Family, Harbor Island Super 8

Ginny Au is an incredible stylist and friend here in Birmingham. We were thrilled when she decided to rent our kit for her family vacation. When we first started dialoguing with her about what to capture, I was excited to think of how she could create shots that would be well thought out and well styled. However, upon her return, she told us of an interesting change that took place once she got to the beach. She simply didn’t have time to create moments as she was too busy capturing the amazing ones that were already happening. From the kids running around on the beach to them dancing on the docks, this film is filled with the personality and excitement that make the Au Family who they really are. I loved watching this transformation take place and am excited to see more from them in the future!

William Gray, Handcrafted Shirts

I recently had the privilege of not only meeting but working with a personal hero of mine. Bob Kidder (pictured above) founded New England Shirt Co and asked me to photograph shirts for his latest venture, William Gray. New England Shirt Co has been my preferred shirt since I started shooting for Harrison and I was thrilled to work on this project. Bob is such an incredible man who is very passionate about creating truly authentic menswear. Below are some photos from our product session. I highly recommend checking out William Gray if you are seeking high quality shirts.

Check out my friend Bob Miller’s video short inside William Gray’s process.

Larkyn & Jim, Birmingham

Larkyn & Jim were a lovely New York City couple who chose to tie the knot in Birmingham, Larkyn’s hometown. Their winter wedding is beloved by the A Bryan Photo team. We greatly admire Larkyn’s bold choice in wedding gown, a look that she pulled off flawlessly. The lively New York crowd celebrated well and added to the flare of this unique Birmingham wedding. Check out the blog of Mariée Ami for more insight into this event. Here are some of my favorite images from a lovely night with an even lovelier couple.