Pilot Family, England

This past summer, Brooke and Brandon Pilot took the Homemade Films kit along with them to England. When discussing their trip, they mentioned that their entire family was actually going to be going with them. We love the family oriented nature of the film and are glad for the different perspective on traveling with Family. Films like these serve as a great reminder to capture the moments around us with those we love most.

As the holidays draw near, let us know if you’re interested in renting the kit for a special family trip or a celebration at home.

Webb Family

I recently got the chance to photograph our friends, the Webbs, in their front yard and on their front porch. The porch is where they spend the most time together including where they bathe their son with a garden hose in the evening. I can’t get over how much life this family exudes.


Captured on a Rolleiflex with Portra 400.


Captured on a Rolleiflex with Ilford 400.

Father, Son

Captured on a Leica M6 with Tri X 400.