Lib & Coates, Birmingham

I’m so happy to present images from this lovely summer wedding of Lib & Coates. Lib chose to prepare for the wedding at her grandfather’s beautiful home, just a few miles from the church. Lib’s closest friends joined her at the home and we were able to shoot portraits there as well. This couple’s laid back persona made our role so enjoyable and comfortable. And we are always thrilled when our friends from Marieé Ami are involved! Enjoy some of our favorite images from the day.


Captured on a Leica M6 with Tri X 400.

Introducing Snapshots

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All images taken by the Kling and Harlos Families. View example gallery here.

The Kling Family shot on a Holga Medium format camera.

The Harlos Family shot on a Lomo LCA+ 35mm camera.

Mad Face

Captured on a Rolleiflex on Ilford 400.

Mother, Daughter

Captured on a Leica M6 with Tri X 400.