Captured on a Rolleiflex with Ilford 400.


Captured on a Rolleiflex on Ilford 400.


Captured on a Rolleiflex on Ilford 400.

Studio Portrait

Top image captured by Bryan on a Rolleiflex.

Bottom image capture by Gavin on a Leica M6.

(Falling in Love with) Shooting Film

I mentioned recently how much I love to travel with my wife, Lindsey. We take a big trip each year and are lucky to have Bryan always send us off in style: with a film camera, a quick tutorial and some rolls. Please keep in mind, I’m a designer by trade, not a photographer. I would be more comfortable capturing a trip with my iPhone than with a fully manual film camera. But Bryan’s encouragement to use film, even as a novice, has provided a different kind of connection to the environments we are experiencing. Film slows us down, removes our “need to share” and opens us up creatively. It allows us to capture our surroundings with great intention and artfulness.

This weekend Lindsey and I will take a trip to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Bryan insisted that I try documenting this trip with his Leica M6. Shooting with it will be a highlight of our trip and the developed film will feel like an anniversary gift to us.

We are developing a new program for A Bryan Photo clients that will allow them to rent film cameras, receive a tutorial and experience the joys of film. We are calling the offering Snapshots and would be thrilled to tell you more if interested.